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Many men do not go to the doctor or share it with a partner or friend because of embarrassment. But now there is one medicine available that can be ordered online and it is called as Silagra. Silagra contains Sildenafil citrate, which is the active ingredient used in Viagra pill. Silagra is generic version of brand medication Viagra.

If you are looking for safe and affordable treatment for your male erectile dysfunction then Silagra is the best option for you. Silagra is highly sold because of its safe nature and easy to obtain with low cost facility. Among all generic version silagra has worked very well with patients.

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Silagra Precautions

1) Dealing with sexual health always been a matter or concern and care and any silly mistake or ignorance may lead to hazardous consequence. To avoid that one has to take this medicine with full precautions and after consultation with doctor. One has to take some basic precautions and then take the medicine to gain full benefits.

2) This medicine only treats the erectile dysfunction problem and one should not use this medicine for other sexual health problem such as premature ejaculation, low libido.

3) One should not consume this medicine if they’re same treated, medicine is in the course. Utilizing same treatment, medicine at the same may cause some complications.

4) Do not let use this medicine anyone else other than the affected person e.g. child or lady. This medicine is strictly made for adult male having problem with erection.

5) Sexual stimulation is the phase has to be happening before taking the medicine in order to get an erection. Sexual stimulation releases some specific hormones that carry forward mechanism of sildenafil citrate and it leads to stronger erection as a result.

Silagra Warnings

1) There are some statutory warnings has to be followed by the patient if the medicine is specific. Silagra is manufactured specifically for erectile dysfunction and usage has some warnings.

2) Sildenafil Citrate compound reacts with all medicines which are nitrate based and using such combination together may cause some serious side effects. One should not use this medicine if there is nitrate based medicine is in progress.

3) Drinking alcohol before consumption of Silagra is strictly prohibited as it may give strong reactions.

4) Avoid heavy fat food when you plan to have sex and use this medicine. High fat food absorbs the content of the medicine and one may experience a lesser effect that it is actual.

Silagra Side Effects

1) Sildenafil citrate based medicines are one of the safest medicines among all other Ed treatment, medicine, but if they are consumed in the wrong way they may cause some sort of side effect. When you are new to this medicine you may experience some physical changes but they are temporary.

2) Commonly observed temporary side effects are headache, facial itching, chest issues such as mild pain and heavy breathing, vomiting sensation and one should get an idea about this in order to stay calm and relax in such side effect occurrence.

3) There are some rarely observed side effects which cause only if the medicine used in the wrong way or in unsuitable body condition. Such side effects are prolonged erection, heart beat increase, nasal bleeding, blurred vision. If such problem occurs one should contact a doctor immediately to seek advice and treatment.

Silagra Dosage

1) Dosages are given or selected according to the physical condition and severity of the problem, but every patient will get 4-6 hours of erection using Silagra medicine.

2) Silagra 100mg is commonly prescribed medicine dosage and this quantity is suitable for everyone. One should consult with a doctor and confirm suitable dosage quantities.

3) Any Silagra dosage has to be taken once in a day (24 hours) and taking medicine more than once may leads to strong reaction and one has to seek further emergency treatment.

Erectile dysfunction in Detail

Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence was popular as the disease of old men but not it seems this issue is affecting men of all age groups. There are many causes that lead to erectile dysfunction and our lifestyle is one of them. This is the era of competition, fast life, temporary things and nobody is able to find peace of mind and that leads to hyper stress, depression and other mental issues. Other habits that people are addicted to it such as alcohol, excessive smoking, unhealthy food habits, over eating also known as prime cause of ED. It is not that much difficult to find out solution for the treatment of ED as it can be made available without voiding your privacy. Working of this medicine only initiated after sexual stimulation and one has to get sexually stimulated to experience strong erection.