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Kamagra contains wolds first approved compound Sildenafil Citrate as an active ingredient. The working of Kamagra gives efficient support just patient has to follow some guidelines and take necessary precautions.

After taking medication Sildenafil Citrate starts its action by reducing the growth of PDE5 enzyme and push up the growth of cGMP molecules. This results into the relaxation of arteries, which helps blood to flow easily and patients gets stronger erection for up to 4 to 6 hours.

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Kamagra Precautions

1) Kamgra gives magical performance, but one has to take some necessary precautions in order to get side effects less performance.

2) Most of the men get confused with the medication and they feel it is taking to improve your sexual interest and sensitivity which is called as an Aphrodisiac. Kamagra 100mg deals only with the erection issue and patient looking for some other solution should consult a doctor and take appropriate medication.

3) One has to take some precautions before taking Kamagra tablets as some other food contents may react with the ingredient. Food items such as meat and other high fat food, grapefruit juice and alcohol consumption should be avoided if you are planning to take the medicine for sexual night.

4) Nitrate base medications should be avoided when you are in the flow to take Kamagra because the property of PDE5 inhibitors and nitrates have reactions and patient may need to face some side effects.

Kamagra Warnings

1) Kamagra is one of the most influential ED treatment among all other products available in the market. But there are some warnings that should be taken into account before taking this medicines.

2) Like other medicines Kamagra deals with your health and overdose of this medication may lead to severe side effects such as prolong erection or increase in the blood pressure.

3) The patient should confirm with a doctor regarding the dosage quantity preferred for him because sometimes higher dosages are taken and that leads to big problems.

4) This medication is only manufactured to treat erection issues and one should not use it for any other purpose.

5) A man looking to enhance his erection and if he is not suffering from ED issues, then he should not take this medicine because it may lead to over force of erection and can lead to some serious situation.

Kamagra Side Effects

1) It does not make any difference how safe Kamagra is but if that is taken in the wrong way, then there are some chances of side effects. One should consult his physician regarding dosage and quantity so that he can have a good sexual experience without any side effects.

2) In some cases patient’s body condition is not compatible for sexual activity and in that case some side effects are observed such as dizziness, minute headache, uneasy stomach.

3) In rare cases there some serious side effects are also observed. There are some side effects may require serious medical attention, such as an increase in heart beats, heavy chest, chest pain, erection for a long time more than generally observed with a single dosage, blurred vision and unconsciousness. Such side effects are observed in very rare cases such as over dosage.

4) In such troublesome condition one should seek immediate medical assistance in order to avoid further consequences.

Kamagra Dosage

Every man has a different level of problem and he should consult with his doctor for the right dosage to take. Generally Kamagra 100mg is the most purchased dosage online and man with any age can easily get strong performance without risk of any side effects. Kamagra is also available in 50mg, 150mg dosage and if any patient looking for higher dosage should go for the 150mg.

Kamagra is suggested to take with empty stomach and along with cold water. One should take this medicine prior 30-40 minutes the sexual activity. This medicine requires some time to dissolve in the blood and start it’s action.

Erectile dysfunction in Detail

Frequent problems in sexual actions due to lack of erection is not to ignore the thing. It is called as Erectile Dysfunction and if it is not treated sooner it may lead to some disastrous consequences. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual health trouble that generally occurs at the old age due to weakening of body parts. But our sedentary lifestyle brought this problem earlier in man's life and now men with age group of 30-40 are also being affected with this health issue.

To tackle this problem one need not to face embarrassment and it is not at all required to open this problem to society. Using Kamagra one can easily find a solution and treat the issue. The patient must be sexual stimulated before taking the medication because working requires some specific hormones and signals to be released within the body and it can only happen after patient is sexually stimulated. Kamagra helps man to achieve stronger erections up to 6 hours without failure. Known to be the finest generic counterpart of sildenafil citrate brand Viagra it gives most affordable solution for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.